Why SEO is Not Guaranteed?

We do not guarantee or promise of specific placement for specific keywords in our SEO service. Have you ever wondered why SEO results are not guaranteed?

Reason #1: Because we do not control the search engines results
Search engine results are controlled solely by each individual search engine. These search engines have complicated algorithms that evaluate pages on the web against keyword searches performed by users. It is impossible for ANY SEO Company to guarantee specific results for any website or webpage because they are NOT in control of the search engines, only the stellar SEO techniques applied in an effort to achieve the desired result (higher placement).

Reason #2: Rankings are Inherently Unstable
If I perform a search for “SEO Company” here in Los Angeles, then drive 3 hours to Las Vegas and execute the same query, I’m likely to end up with a very different ordering of results; the same goes for if I were to log into my Google account and get personalized results or hit a different datacenter during the course of my querying. Many searchers have even had the odd experience of hitting refresh on a query and finding the results change or re-order.

Given the incongruous nature of ranking fluctuations and the fact that ranking in a particular position on a given machine at a single point in time says very little about the future or even the present, it’s no wonder that savvy SEO firms stay away from the guarantee.

Reason #3: Making Guarantees About Something You Cannot Control Carries Inherent Ethical Problems
Politicians constantly fall into the trap of making promises they cannot possibly deliver on. Luckily, since they’ve let people down since the dawn of government, we’ve set the bar relatively low. This isn’t true, however, in the business world. If FedEx promises to deliver a package by tomorrow, that’s a guarantee they can make because they control the means of delivery. On the flipside, if a camera-maker promises that all your pictures will come out beautiful, that’s irresponsible – what if you decide to point your lens at Gary Busey?

This same principle applies to SEO.

SEO is a Process
Search engine optimization is the process of applying techniques to your website that increase your chance of being ranked for specific keywords. “We” do not tell the search engine where to rank you. We follow best practices through our experience that will out-perform your competitors and put you as high as possible on the major search engines for your targeted keyword phrases.

What We Can Actually Do For You
We can legally and ethically make no guarantee or promise, other than the fact that our work, process, past experience and proven system can give your website the best chance to rank well on the Major Search Engine Results pages for specific keyword phrases we target.




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