More…on good content for your website – part 2

Previously in recent article, I had posted a list of seven (7) suggestions – Dos and Don’ts – on how to develop a good website content; the kind of good content that actually will complement the page layout, and is needed by the Designer to create the good website design that you want. The type of content that people like to see, and want to read in your website.

In this posting, I am proceeding with the next eight (8) pointers.

#08 – Useful Links
(Do) provide text/ image/ button hyperlinks to citation sites if your content mention anything about things that are sourced from other websites. It could also be something that you are informing your audience about. For example: if your web page is about “Traveling to Asia”, perhaps having a list of links to several Asian countries is highly appropriate/ expected by your web visitors, so they can click and go to the destination site conveniently.

#09 – Online Forms
(Don’t) just have a downloadable PDF form in your website. Having an online form makes it so much easier for people to submit the form to you. It eliminates the need to print the form, and scan it back again to be emailed to you – hassle free!

#10 – Resources To Download
If you are a consultant, whether you are a nutritionist, a physical trainer, or any professional whose services involve regular monitoring of performance/ milestones, having files available to download from your website gives convenience to your clients. (Do) have a section dedicated to “Downloadable Files or Resources” in your website.

#11 – Hot Keywords Insertion
If you would like to be found in search engines based on a certain keyword lookup, (Do) include those specific keywords in your content. Search engines look/ match keywords and site content to determine which websites will be listed in the search result pages. When people type “tofu”, search engines want to make sure that they would list all websites about “tofu”.

#12 – Checklist and Systematic Table
If you have content in your web page that is considered a step-by-step guidelines, or having a systematic structure, (Do) present it in a short-list style or in a table layout, to make it easier to scheme and follow through.

#13 – Streaming Videos
What could be more engaging elements in your website than a streaming video? People loves watching video introduction about your company, or tutorials more than reading it. If you have a budget or facility and the necessary tools to create your own video, (Do) have this streaming video file embedded in your website.

#14 – Map & Directions
(Don’t) let people get lost going to your physical business office/ store. You can have a Google Map embedded on your website or/ and have list of directions of most common routes.

#15 – Illustration, Chart & Diagram
Complex information can be presented clearly with a chart or diagram. An illustration can also be used as a tool to convey perception that sometimes a photograph cannot do accurately. (Do) consult with your web/ graphic designer about some assistance creating a chart or diagram or a custom illustration work to complement your web content.

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