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Registering a domain is easy! You can hardly go wrong choosing a domain registrant companies, as their pricing are very similar, with a couple of cents in difference. However, choosing the right hosting plan is a bit trickier. Three are (3) most important things to consider, and these are coming from a satisfied customer (us), and also our clients who are using it as well:

#1 – Performance
Like everyone else who has a website, we also had tried different hosting ourselves, and also learned from our clients how their choice of hosting companies had performed for their websites. After several years in business, the list separates itself between the good and the bad hosting choices by performance.

#2 – Reliability
No system is perfect! That applies to your hosting company as well. What we want is a good tech-support team that always be there for us when we needed them. Someone who can answer our questions and clarify our confusions and show us the ropes on how to fix the problems, or even assist us in doing so.

#3 – Value
Cheapest pricing is not what the criteria we are looking for from a hosting plan. When we look at the spec, we would know if there are any limitation on disk space, bandwidth, sub domains, ftp accounts, my SQL databases, pop3 accounts for emails. If we can have UNLIMITED on all those mentioned just now, we certainly would go for it for a slight more expensive pricing for the best value. After all, if value comes with performance and reliability, this choice would make it the right way to go.

Hostgator is our recommended hosting company for your website. CLICK HERE to activate promo/ special discounts if any at their site, when you want to the purchase the hosting.



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