Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – the term is commonly understood as an online marketing practice that is intended to increase your website’s chances to be listed on the first few pages of the search result in search engines.

*“We are fast approaching 1 billion websites,…”

As more businesses realize the need to have online presence, more websites are created than ever. This fact tells us that competition in getting listed on the first page is increasingly higher. We know that owning a website that cannot be found in search engines is as good as not owning a website at all. The ultimate mistake made by the business owners is that they failed to recognize the need to allocate a budget for SEO (online marketing).

When we create a brochure design, and print it, we understand we need to distribute that printed brochure to the targeted audience. It’s the same applied to website marketing. Once you have your new website launched, this marks the beginning of your SEO journey.

*“…around 75% of websites today are not active, but parked domain or similar.”

How do we break through clutter? Why my website could not be ranked higher than those non-active websites in Google’s first five pages? There are many answers (or hypothesis) and many approaches to find the cure. Just like when you bring your troubled car to a mechanic, the’d say: “Leave the car here and we’ll let you know what needs to be done once we check”. Does your website needs to get a fix on the search engine ranking so badly? We can help!

*There are 44,000 Google searches in 1 second.

Your business provides services and sell products that people need. How do you find those people in need is by being found when they are looking for such services and products you sell. Ever wonder what your customers type in Google when they want to lookup for businesses like yours? Sure you do, but why your website does not appear when you type the magic keyword? Improving your organic search ranking is a possibility, and we can help increase that chance by performing the right SEO methods.

Looking at few important data above, it becomes clear that the first few – probably the top 5 – pages of the search result are high value estate. Those websites that are listed there will have tremendous higher traffic compared those listed on page 6th and beyond. No further convincing needed; we can ask and answer this question to ourselves: “Who would look beyond page six? I know I wouldn’t.”

If you are serious about getting more sales and deals for your business, contact us today for SEO assistance!

  • Competitor Analysis & Research
  • Keywords Lookup
  • Improve Content Relevancies
  • Advise Appropriate Meta-Tags
  • Link Building Assistance
  • Social Media Campaign

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